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Being informed is the key to a successful adoption.  First of all, it is best to get an idea of the adoption basics. All adoptive parents must complete a homestudy before completing any adoption. It is recommended that all adoptions include an adoption professional.
Adoption Facilitators
Adoption Agencies

Adoption ABCs
Learn the ABC's the ABC Adoptions way. Things can get complicated when you are trying to adopt. If you get the basics down early, you will have a smaller chance to be confused about the whole adoption.

Adoption Counseling
Counseling is very important to an adoption for both birthparents-to-be and adoptive parents. This page gives you an understanding of its importance.

Adoption Terms
Be knowledgeable, learn adoption terms to know what various adoption words mean. Read about the basic terms.

Baby Announcements
A resource for baby announcements and other cards. Save money, shop around and pick the company which suits your needs.

Financial Resources
Grants, loans, work benefits, governments benefits and other resources for adoption help. Find out what your possibilities are in getting money or benefits when adopting.

Homestudy basics
All adoption require completion of a homestudy. State vary on the type of homestudy that is required. Learn the brief details of a homestudy.

Parent Profiles
If you are adopting with help of a professional adoption service or seeking an independent adoption, the best way to speed up the process is to promote yourselves.  ABC Adoptions offers FREE Web sites, link ad, adoption forms, site promotion and more.

Adoptive Parents
The following forms are available to ABC Adoptions advertising member in an effort to help guide prospective adoptive parents who are interested in pursuing an independent adoption.

  • Release of Information  Proof of pregnancy is a good start.  If it is difficult to obtain the completed form, watch out.  To  received a completed  release of information will give you the ability to receive helpful medical information from a doctor.

    Birthmother Questionnaire You want this information for an adoption. With a completed questionnaire, you can obtain personal information and medical history about the birthparents-to-be.  Birthfathers-to-be can not be forgotten, they can be important to the adoption. A birthmother-to-be who talks a good story, but does not supply you with written information should be suspect.  
  • Statement of Understanding   This form is not binding and only provides a moral commitment of both parties to proceed with an adoption or to be notified, if not. A birthmother-to-be not interested in signing such a document or not interested in working with an adoption professional should be a concern.  There is no reason why a birthmother-to-be should shy away from an agreement or a professional. In the case of expenses, we suggest that money only be transferred by an attorney, letting them be a third party. 
  • Adoptive Parents Application Get a head start on the information you will need for an adoption. A professional form used to qualify yourselves for adoption.
  • 35 Steps to an Independent Adoption   The task can be overwhelming, with this information, you can sort out the steps necessary for an adoption from start to finish.
  • Adoption Progress File Professionally track an adoption from the first conversation on.  Compare notes and keep a log of events.
  • Last Will and Testament
    It is best to make a will through an attorney, however, when time or money warrants you to wait, you can do your own, especially when we provide a basic will for FREE.