International Information by Country

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Adoption From Cambodia
Cultural support for Cambodian adoptions.

Rainbow Kids 
A monthly online international adoption magazine.

China Connection. 
A source of China photos and adoption information.

China Web
Links to all kinds of China adoption information.

Chinadopt: Adopting Children from China 
Answers to frequently asked questions.

Coming Home 
Links to information about China and China adoption.

Families with Children From China 
All about Chinese Adoption

Families with Children from China (F.C.C.)
An association of information which answers many question regarding adoptions from china, travel plans, what to expect and what to take. 

Tips for Travelers to China 
State Department Information

The Triumph of Hope
Personal letters of experiences of  adopting in China

Eastern Europe
Eastern European Adoption Coalition
Serves the needs of families adopting children from Eastern Europe. Their Parent Education Program provides services such as a mailing list and electronic newsletter with information, support and resources for adopting families.

Adoption Partners
Guatemala Adoption Specialists!  Specializing in Guatemala adoptions. Personalized attention ensures that your healthy, happy baby is home within 5 months. You choose the sex and age of child. All children are in private foster care full of love and care. 9/27/m

Guatemalan Adoption

Information for a Guatemalan Orphanage. Information for a Guatemalan Orphanage. Information for a Guatemalan Orphanage.

Paraguay Adoption Resources
Dedicated to those interested in Paraguay and Adoptions, providing PALS (Paraguay Adoption List Service) - an email list; Marketplace - online shopping for things Paraguayan; Guest Book -website based discussion/posting of comments;  Friends List - a searchable directory of people who adopted from or are interested in PY.  10/20f

Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption

Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption is a support network for adoptive families with children from the former Soviet Union with chapters throughout the U.S. Our families have found that there is no roadmap to guide new parents of adoptive children from the former Soviet Union, so we've turned to the real experts -- other families. 


Information on adoptions from India.

Ours By Choice
Support information for Indian adoptions.

Adopting from Korea: A Prospective Parent's Guide to Korean Adoption
Written from the perspective of an adoptive parent, this site was designed to guide prospective adoptive parents through the numerous steps involved in adopting internationally, specifically Korea. Providing information and related links about Korea.

Children's Home Society of Minnesota
Offering an annual tour of Korea with an adoption focus. They begin in Seoul with stops in Panmunjom, Haeinsa and Kyongju. Tour includes an Korean orphanage, visit an adoption agency and a maternity home for birthmothers. They also meet and talk with Korean students and spend an evening in a Korean family's home.

Friends of Korea
Friends of Korea is a Korean heritage link for those adoptees and their families who want closer connections to Korea, Koreans, and Korean Americans. They offer help on making connections.

Korean American Adoptee, Adoptive Family Network
A  network of resources for families touched by Korean adoption.

Korean Focus for Adoptive Families 
A group for families with children from Korea in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD area,offering educational programs and services to families with children from Korea, support families touched by Korean adoption with information and programs on Korean culture and the adoption experience.

The Sae Jong Society
The Sae Jong Society sponsors a culture camp for Korean-American adoptees. The campers, who range in age from seven to seventeen, share the common bond of being Korean-American. The mission of the camp is to provide all Korean-American children the opportunity to explore their Korean-American identities, learn about their Korean heritage, and make friendships to last a lifetime.

Latin America
Latin America Parents Association
LAPA is a not-for-profit organization, committed to aiding people seeking to adopt children by researching new sources of adoption in Latin America, supplying materials to orphanages and providing educational and social activities.

Adoption from Vietnam
Information, including height & weight charts for Asian children.