Open Adoption

Open adoption gives you the choice of deciding who will parent your baby.  This is a valuable choice for the birthmother.  If open adoption appeals to you, there is plenty of help in finding a family who is willing to love and provide for your child in a way that you would be proud of. These services are arranged at no expense to the birthmother.

 Choice of an Adoptive Family

Open adoption is a method which the birthmother chooses the adoptive family to legally adopt and parent your child. If interested, you can develop a friendship with waiting adoptive parents to get to know them while better while understanding how your child will be taken care while growing up.

Choices at the Hospital

Open adoption allows for you to decide if you want  the adoptive couple to be at the hospital when you deliver. They can be there to offer their support.  Before going to the hospital you can decide if you want to see the baby, hold the baby and even name the baby.

Choices of the Future 

By knowing the adoptive parents in an open adoption you can agree on future communication, if any, with the adoptive family, and if you want to receive pictures or letters at a given time throughout his or her life.

Choices of Who Helps You

You have the choice to choose which organization can help you with the open adoption. A good choice means that you can receive  counseling or be referred to a professional counselor, have arrangements for legal assistance  and be provided with medical expenses.  Reasonable living expenses can also be available to you, depending upon your circumstances and the adoption laws in your state.

If open adoption is your choice, choosing a good service can make a big difference. Remember, you always deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Whether you choose an agency, facilitator, intermediary attorney or independent adoptive parents, make sure they care.