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Adoption Laws

There are support groups & organizations for anyone interested in adoption.  These organizations are designed to help people.  Valuable information can be found here. 

Look at  US adoption laws by State , know your State laws.  See International laws by country.

Adoptee Resources
If you are an adoptee or interested in learning about adoptees. Find out where to located anyone,  sign up to find people and much more adoptee related information.

Adoptee's Right to Know
Information for searching triadians in the form of links and a five-part originally authored Search Series. Information on recent adoption-related court cases, the full text of most states adoption statutes, and many international adoption laws as well.

Adoption Associates, Inc.

Adoption support information

The University of Minnesota's Children, Youth, and Family Consortium.

The Adoption and Breastfeeding Page
This is a short summary of my own experiences nursing my six adopted babies, a discussion of many of the basic issues that are pertinent to adoptive nursing, and a list of links. 

Adoption: a gathering
adoption: a gathering is a space where our conversation can grow and deepen. It's also a space where we, the adoption community, can create new ways to think about adoption, to talk about adoption, and to define adoption. 

Adoption Advocates
Social service professionals who develop informational and policy documents about adoption related issues, work with lawmakers to improve services, and assist adoptive families.

The Adoption Web Ring
A host of adoption related sites as well as resources for search, support and activism for all members of the adoption triad.

ADOPTION-A New Beginning!                     
A Christian adoption resource and registry. 

The AFCARS Reports
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Administration on Children, Youth and Families Children's Bureau - Statistics as of January 2000.

The Alliance for Children Foundation
A nonprofit international relief organization devoted to alleviating the suffering of children who are abandoned or orphaned, living in orphanages around the world. The Foundations goal is to provide these children with the nutrition, shelter, medical care, and enrichment they need to become healthy and eligible for adoption. All of our completed and current projects - many funded by adoptive parents - are described and listed on our web site.

The American Association of Open Adoption Agencies
"Non-profit Adoption Agencies Committed To Adoption Services of The Highest Quality." This is a listing of AAOAA member agencies. Prospective parents choose the agency nearest them. You will also find general information about adoption and more.

Asia for Kids
A resource of products centralizing around Asia, books , videos, toys, clothing, catalogs of various products and more.

Association for Research in International Adoption
A.R.I.A. is a group of researchers exploring international adoption.

Bastard Nation
Adult adoptee nonprofit providing information on open records activism, online search & reunion support, humor and interactive venues for adoptees on the internet.

Chappell Enterprises
The services we perform are Background Searches, Criminal Record Searches, Credit Reports, Educational Verification, Civil Records Searches, Professional Licenses Verifications, Name, Address, Telephone Number Searches, Criminal Background Checks, and Business Credit Checks. . 1/20/e

Children's Bureau
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers this site for more information on adoption, benefits and more.

Children with Aids Project
An organization to develop a fuller understanding of children with, at risk of AIDS,  medical, psychosocial, legal and financial issues. They recruit families to adopt HIV children, AIDS Orphans & drug addicted infants and refer them to private homes and public adoption agencies

Premature baby information, medical resources and other medical information and statistics of newborn problems.

Divorce and Adoption
The hypothesis that the association between parental divorce and children's adjustment is mediated by genetic factors was examined in the Colorado Adoption Project, a prospective longitudinal study of 398 adoptive and biological families. 10/17f

Doug Henderson's Guide to Adoption Acronyms
Confused about the acronyms you are seeing in adoption books, information and web sites? Here Doug Henderson explains it all for you.

Foster Care Support
Foster care support listed by state and services available

How to make adoption an affordable option
Information from the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) describing the directions in adoption that can be taken.

International Concerns for Children 
A tax exempt, non-profit organization. Incorporated in 1979 as a charitable and educational organization, Working to acquaint the public with ways to provide assistance to homeless children; educate those interested in procedures; inform prospective parents of "waiting children".

Jewish Children's Adoption Network
The Jewish Children's Adoption Network (JCAN) is an exchange whose primary purpose is to find adoptive families for Jewish children, most of whom have special needs. The site has general information about the JCAN. 

Joint Council on International Children's Services
The Joint Council on International Children's Services from North America (JCICS) is the oldest and largest affiliation of licensed, nonprofit international adoption agencies in the world. The JCICS site contains a list of over 80 member agencies.
Pediatrician's guide to children's health and safety. This site provides baby names, nutrition guide, car seat safety and many other topic pertaining to children and parenting. 3/10ex

Montana Adoptions
Lory is the adoptive mother of her who is providing resources for any and all involved in the process of adoption. She has recently finalized the adoption of her daughter.

Midwest Adoption Center
A non profit agency providing many post-adoption services. Counseling. IDCFS search and reunion. Court ordered Confidential Intermediary service. Crittenton Center searches. Information and referral regarding adoption search in Illinois.
Connecting YOU to the BEST Baby Sites on the web today! 3/4ex

The National Adoption Center  
a non-profit organization whose mission is to expand adoption opportunities throughout the United States for children with special needs and those from minority cultures.

North American Council on Adoptable Children
Learn about how to adopt. post adoption services, adoption subsidies, resources and more.

Positive Adoption Language
Helping to eliminate the emotional overcharging which for years has served that adoption is a second-best and lesser-than alternative for all involved. Author, Pat Johnston, is an adoption educator and adoptive mom with many years experience 

Single Parent Adoption Network
SPAN is a group of single adoptive parents who have joined together to provide support for single adoptive parents and children of single adoptive parents.