ABC's of Adoption
All adopted children come from two sources. Those sources are domestic adoptions and international adoptions. Domestic adoptions are children from the United States while International adoptions are children from outside the United States.

For Birthmother Info
Birthmothers-to-be can learn about available choices when planning an adoption. In the event of an unplanned pregnancy, one must consider all the options and then make the best choice.  We are dedicated to offering information and education to explore all the choices.
Birthmothers Choice

As a birthmother-to-be, it is recommended that you ask yourself... what type of family would I like to be the adoptive parents of my child?  This is a start, you can think of many more.

Consent to Adopt
Consent plays a pivotal role in all adoptions; all adoptions are based upon the consent of persons or agencies legally empowered with the care or custody of the child. Consent refers to the agreement by a parent, or a person or agency acting in place of a parent, to relinquish the child for adoption and to release all rights and duties with respect to that child.

Consent by State

The mother; the presumed father, regardless of paternity if married to the mother; the agency to whom the child has been relinquished; the putative father if he has responded to notice.

How many children were adopted in 2007 and 2008?

Read the latest government statistics of how many adoption took place in the United States.

Pregnancy Calc
Enter the birthmother information below and the calculator will provide an estimated conception date, due date and current fetal age.

Thinking of Adoption
If you are pregnant and not sure that you want to keep the baby, you might be thinking about adoption.Pregnancy causes many changes, both physical and emotional. It can be a very confusing time for a woman, even in the best of circumstances. Talking to a counselor about your options might help. But how do you start? This fact sheet gives you, the birth mother, information about counseling and adoption. It addresses many questions you might have: