Adoption Resources 
                                           by ABC

Adoption Support Information
Full of adoptive parents information and experiences, professional Web site with services relating to adoption and adopting.

Post and find local adoption events in your area.

Cost of Adoption
Prospective adoptive parents may be concerned about the financial costs of adopting an infant or child and their ability to meet these costs.

Email Lists, Listservs, Newsgroups and Email Communities
One way to learn more about adoption on a personal level is to join a list or group. You can "lurk" or contribute to the conversation, in any event, adoption information is abound on a personal experience basis.

Foster Care
Information for foster parents, help section, difficult behavior problems, articles, links, manual, regulations, connect with other foster parents, newsletter, real life stories, poems, online training and much more.

Link Ads
This is where everyone goes to add their dear birthmother letters to adoption sites. Finding an adoption is usually not an accident.

Medical References
Two pages of medical information relating to pre and post-adoption. Resources for International and domestic adoptions. Links include reports, physical and mental medical studies and contacts for unique situations. 

Online Fun for Kids
A resource for the little ones.  Safe Online site for children.

Open Path The Family-Building Resource of Northern California
An organization that provides, support, education and resources for those considering the variety of family-building options including fertility treatments and adoption.

Adoption Support
There are support groups & organizations for anyone interested in adoption.  These organizations are designed to help people.  Valuable information can be found here. 

When adoption travel is necessary, advanced booking can be difficult.  Find travel agencies which offer adoption discounts for travels abroad.