Birthmother Services
Consider if adoption is for you. If yes, what type of adoption you would want.  What type of parents would you want to raise your baby.  In adoption, important questions need to be answered.

If one chooses to raise a child, the birthmother should consider what plans and dreams she has for her own future and whether these plans can still be achieved while caring for an infant. Will the birthmother be able successful raise that child? Can she complete her education? What support is available for her and the child? Is family support available? How will she and the child live? Have arrangements been made for child care while working?  

Types of Adoptions
No contact between birth and adoptive families. No identifying information is provided. Non-identifying contact is made via cards, letters and pictures through a third party (e.g., agency or attorney). Direct interaction between birth and adoptive families. Identities are known.

Open Adoption

Open adoption gives you the choice of deciding who will parent your baby.  This is a valuable choice for the birthmother.  If open adoption appeals to you, there is plenty of help in finding a family who is willing to love and provide for your child in a way that you would be proud of. These services are arranged at no expense to the birthmother.

Impact on Birthparents

This article is addressed to you, the birth parent. Although the adoption community sometimes overlooks your contribution and sacrifice, this article addresses adoption from your point of view. Placing a child for adoption is not an easy thing to do, not at the time of placement nor years later. How do you get through the experience, and how does it affect you later in life?