Birthmothers Choosing Adopting Parents

Ask Yourself?

As a birthmother-to-be, it is recommended that you ask yourself... what type of family would I like to be the adoptive parents of my child?  This is a start, you can think of many more.

Respect Their Feelings
If you make contact with any prospective adoptive parents and you do not choose them, We suggest that you respect their feelings, by letting them know your decision.


Questions to Ask Yourself

Do want a family with or without children?  If so, how many?
Does age matter when considering adoptive parents?
Do you have a preference as to an adopting parents religious faith?
Would you like the adopting parents to live in the urban environment or in the country?
What part of the country would you like your child to grow up? What region or State?
Have you considered what the adopting parents do for a living?
Does it matter if the adopting mother works or not?
Does wealth matter when considering adoptive parents?
What is your feelings about gay or lesbian adoptive parents?
What is the relationship the adopting parents have with their relatives? Are they close?
Are you interested in having the adoptive parents own their own home?
Have you thought about their hobbies? vacations, etc.
What racial mix of the adopting parents would you consider?
Could your adopting parents have a brief history in their past  of drugs, alcohol or crime?
Will you need financial help while pregnant?
Are you interested in meeting and spending time with the adopting parents? Several visits?
Would you like adopting parents at the hospital with you during the delivery?
After the birth of the baby, what type of relationship would you like?
Are you interested in receiving pictures or an occasional letter?