Counseling Information

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If one chooses to raise a child, the birthmother should consider what plans and dreams she has for her own future and whether these plans can still be achieved while caring for an infant. Will the birthmother be able successful raise that child? Can she complete her education? What support is available for her and the child? Is family support available? How will she and the child live? Have arrangements been made for child care while working?  

If the birthmother chooses to place the child for adoption she must consider how this decision will effect her in the future. Will she be at happy with her decision? Is adoption in the best interest of everyone involved? Does the adoption plan sound possible to achieve? Many issues should be addressed before making a decision for adoption. A professional counselor is in position to be objective about these choices. It is often difficult to discuss adoption with relatives and people who are close to you. It is always helpful to discuss and possible choices with friends and family which should also be consulted. The most objective information will come from an adoption professional.

Prospective Adoptive Parents

It is also very helpful for prospective adoptive parents looking to adopt to speak with a professional counselor. There are many issues related to adoption which are best addressed prior to pursuing an adoption. Are both spouses ready to accept a child into their homes and understand the responsibility of raising a child? Do they accept this responsibility? Are they prepared to adopt a child sometimes with little prior knowledge? Have they both dealt with the issues regarding their own inability to have biological children? Have considerations been made for adoption a child of a different race, color, ethnic background, etc.

Counseling is generally not expensive and most counseling is covered by health insurance carriers. Also in some areas birthmothers are able to receive adoption counselors through local agencies at no charge. You can check with various county or state agencies to see if this is available in your area. When an adoption plan does proceed, most states mandate that the adoptive parents are responsible for the cost of professional counseling if it is not otherwise covered by health insurance. 

Adoption Counselors

The following are able to help in finding a counselor, attorney, physician/or health care provider, clergy, family planning centers , crises pregnancy centers and school guidance counselors.

In the yellow pages you can look under adoption/family counselors, mental health services, Social and Human services, Certified Social Workers, psychologists, pregnancy counseling.