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Unique Adoptions
Unique Adoptions, Inc., a highly successful domestic adoption facilitating service, offers a full range of personalized and professional adoption services to assist you with all your adoption needs.


Registry of California Adoption Facilitators

Listing on this website is not intended to be an endorsement of any facilitator by theCalifornia Department of Social Services (CDSS.)

The CDSS does not provide oversight over adoption facilitators. Any person harmed by a facilitator may bring a civil action for damages, rescission, injunctive relief or any other civil or equitable remedy, in addition to the Attorney General, district attorney or a city attorney. (Family Code section 8638.)

The facilitators listed on this website have satisfied the minimal requirements of Family Code section 8632.5, which include:

1. Three years experience employed by a public or private adoption agency licensed by the department, a registered adoption facilitator, or an adoption attorney who assists in bringing adopting persons and placing parents together for the purpose of adoption placement.*

2. Two years of college courses with at least half of the units and hours focusing on social work or a related field.*

3. A valid business license.

4. Valid identification.

5. Criminal background check

*Note: A facilitator may waive the education and experience requirements if he/she satisfies the following:

1. Five years work experience providing direct adoption services for a licensed adoption agency.

2. He/She has not been found liable of malfeasance in connection with providing adoption services.

3. He/She provides three letters of support from:

A licensed adoption agency;

A member of the Academy of California Adoption Lawyers; or



A Child’s Dream of California

Michael J. Kotzin

9327 Fairway View Place, #204

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729

Telephone: (360) 598-6533

Website: www.achildsdream.org

Business License Number: 87-0702802

County of Issuance: City of Rancho Cucamonga

Surety Bond Company: American Contractors Indemnity Company Bond Number: 100026620

Trainee(s): NA

A is 4 Adoption

Laurie Colton

151 Kalmus Drive, Suite D220

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Telephone: (866) 569-2229

Fax: (714) 556-4026

E-mail: lcolton@ais4adoption.com

Business License: BL025558

City of Issuance: Costa Mesa

Surety Bond Company: American Contractors

Indemnity Company

Bond: 172575

Trainee(s): NA

A Loving Alternative Adoption Facilitator

Cynthia Simonson

321 Calle Chueca

San Clemente, CA 92673

Telephone: (949) 366-4500

E-Mail: info@alovingalternative.com

Website: www.alovingalternative.com

Business License: 24542

City of Issuance: San Clemente

Surety Bond Company: Fidelity and Deposit

Company of Maryland

Bond Number: LPM8658596

Trainee(s): NA

A Rainbow’s End Adoption Services, Inc.

Irene Riley

7755 Center Ave Suite 1100

Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Telephone: (714) 839-3283

E-Mail: info@arainbowsendadoption.com Website: www.rainbowsendadoption.com Business License: A283492

City of Issuance: City of Huntington Beach

Surety Bond Company: Hudson Insurance


Bond: 205329

Trainee(s): NA

About A Child

Victoria Kats

479 Tiller Ln

Redwood City, CA 94065

Telephone: (650) 596-2816

E-Mail: vic@aboutachild.org Website: www.aboutachild.com Business License: 38791

City of Issuance: City of Redwood City

Surety Bond Company: International Fidelity

Insurance Company

Bond: BUIFSU0470265

Trainee(s): NA

Adoption Center of Hope, DBA Adoption


Michelle Szulc-Dettman

39252 Winchester Road #107-111

Murrieta, CA 92563

Telephone: (951) 304-0888

Website: www.adoptionanswer.com

Business License: 041126

City of Issuance: Los Angeles Surety Bond Company: Washington International Insurance Company Bond: S916-2838

Trainee(s): NA


Adoption Center of San Diego

Sarah Jensen Elhoff

3665 Ruffin Road, Ste. 205

San Diego, CA 92123

Telephone: (800) 298-9111) or

(858) 535-3033

Fax: (858) 535-3032

Website: www.adoption-center.org

Business License: B2008039028

City of Issuance: San Diego

Surety Bond Company: American Contractors Indemnity Company Bond: 100056646

Trainee(s): NA

Adoption Choices of Northern California

Marikathryn Hendrix

1469 Humboldt Road, Suite 200

Chico, CA 95928

Telephone: (530) 891-0302 or (800) 607-9200

Website: www.cawhs.org

Business License: 18838

City of Issuance: Chico

Surety Bond Company: Western Surety


Bond: 70799130

Trainee(s): NA

Adoption Consultants Incorporated

Cathy Mantell, M.S.

11271 Ventura Boulevard, #380

Studio City, CA 91604

Telephone: (800) 605-4588 or (818) 766-2222

Website: www.adoptionconsultantsinc.com

Business License Number: 714359-0001-6

City of Issuance: City of Los Angeles

Surety Bond Company: American

Contractors Indemnity Company

Bond Number: 157374

Trainee(s): NA

Adoption Information Center

Susanne Rose

1327 Post Avenue, Suite K Torrance, CA 90501

Telephone: (424) 757-5170

Fax: (424) 757-5181

E-Mail: LA_adoptions@yahoo.com

Website: www.adoptioninformationcenter.net

Business License: BL-LIC-000341

City of Issuance: City of Torrance

Surety Bond Company: Platt River Insurance


Bond: 41288745

Trainee(s): NA


Lil Snee

24662 Soquel – San Jose Road

Los Gatos, CA 95033-9226

Telephone: (408) 353-4522

Fax: (408) 353-2725

E-Mail: lilsnee@adoptlink.com

Website: www.adoptlink.com

Business License: 31013

City of Issuance: City of Santa Cruz

Surety Bond Company: Fidelity and Deposit

Company of Maryland

Bond: 8086447

Adopt Now

Nancy Hurwitz Kors, Ph.D.

1250-I Newell Avenue, PMB 245

Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Telephone: (925) 938-6600

E-mail: nhk@adopt-now.com

Website: www.adopt-now.com

Business License: 025034

City of Issuance: Walnut Creek

Surety Bond Company: American Contractors Indemnity Company Bond: 1000810513

An Angel Above Adoptions

Nannette Williams

2911 Via San Jacinto

San Clemente, CA 92672

Telephone: (800) 332-8275 or

(866) U-My-Baby (869-2229)

Website: www.angelaboveadoptions.com

Business License: 67217

City of Issuance: San Juan Capistrano Surety Bond Company: Platte River Insurance Company

Bond: 41164645

Chicks in Crisis

Inez Whitlow

8359 Elk Grove Florin Road, Suite 103

Elk Grove, CA 95758

Telephone: (916) 441-1243 direct

(888) 208-8086

E-Mail: INEZ@CHICKSINCRISIS.ORG Website: www.chicksincrisis.org Business License: 325578

County of Issuance: Sacramento

Surety Bond Company: Great American

Insurance Company

Bond: FS2718289

Everlasting Adoptions, Inc.
Carol Shepherd

520 Broadway, Suite 350

Santa Monica, CA 90401

Telephone: (866) 406-2702

E-Mail: Everlastingadopt@AOL.com

Website: www.everlastingadoptions.com

Business License: 144697

City of Issuance: Santa Monica

Surety Bond Company: American

Contractors Indemnity Company

Bond: 100066973


Heartfelt Adoption

Loretta Cooper

10649 Charbono Way

Rancho Cordova, CA 95670-4836

Telephone: (916) 362-2300 or (800) 682-0303

Website: www.heartfeltadoption.com

Business License: 305144

City of Issuance: City of Rancho Cordova

Surety Bond Company: Fidelity and Deposit

Company of Maryland

Bond Number: 08086436

Jeve Media, LLC DBA: My Adoption Choices

Virginia Frank

35715 U.S. Hwy 40 Ste. 105D Evergreen, CO 80401-0000

Telephone #: (303) 918-6707


Business License #: 65638

City of Issuance: San Bruno

Surety Bond Company: American Contractors

Indemnity Company

Bond#: 100233215

Lifelong Adoptions, Inc.

Sharon Ahmann

620 Newport Center Drive, Suite 1100

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Telephone #: (847) 494-6114

Website: www.lifelongadoptions.com

Business License #: BT30036165

City of Issuance: Newport Beach

Surety Bond Company: Danielson National

Insurance Company

Bond#: 14-SUR-142256

Trainee: Carolyn Walker

Lifetime Adoption Center

Mardalynne (Mardie) Caldwell

400 Idaho Maryland Road

Grass Valley, CA 95945

Telephone: (530) 271-1740

E-mail: Adopt@LifetimeAdoption.com

Website: www.LifetimeAdoption.com

Business License: 155

City of Issuance: Nevada City

Surety Bond Company: Bond Services of


Bond Number: 08086700

Trainee(s): Diane Schafer, Elizabeth Murray, Veronica Hofheinz, Michelle Abel, Jennifer

Donnelly, Joan Oas, Tonya Price, Diana


Loving Choice Adoptions

Marilyn Sutton

30902 Gilmour Rd

Castaic, CA 91384

Telephone: (661) 257-0220

E-mail: marilyn@lovingchoice.net

Website: www.lovingchoice.net

Business License: 3008401

City of Issuance: Oakland

Surety Bond Company: American Safety

Casualty Insurance Company

Bond: 10008002

PACT, An Adoption Alliance

Beth Hall, Director

5515 Doyle Street #1
Emeryville, CA 94608

Telephone: (510) 243-9460

E-mail: info@pactadopt.org

Website: www.pactadopt.org

Business License: 3008401

City of Issuance: Oakland

Surety Bond Company: Bond held by Alta

Alliance Bank

Trainees(s): Martha Rynberg and Malaika Parker, Katherine Wynen


Sweet Beginnings Adoptions

Lisa Sweet

4349 Briarcliff Court

Concord, CA 94521

Telephone: (925) 408-7699


sweetbeginningsadoptions@yahoo.com Website: www.adoptionsweetbeginnings.com Business License: 5009760

City of Issuance: Concord

Surety Bond Company: Great American

Insurance Company

Bond: FS0763061

The Best Gift Adoptions, Inc

Nikki Biers

4565 Saltillo Street

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Telephone: (818) 888-4333

E-Mail: bestgiftadoptions.com

Website: www.bestgiftadoptions.com

Business License: 0002233206-0001-3

County of Issuance: Los Angeles

Surety Bond Company: Platte River

Insurance Company

Bond: 41133104

Unique Adoptions Incorporated

Patrice Schmidt

23425 Applegate Court
Murrieta, CA 92562

Telephone: (951) 600-2575

E-Mail: patrice@uniqueadoptions.com Website: www.uniqueadoptions.com Business License: 15038

County of Issuance: Riverside

Surety Bond Company: American

Contractors Indemnity

Bond: 100023943


Whitestone International Children Services

Sherry Archer

77271 Calle Durango

La Quinta, CA 92253

Telephone #: (760) 625-3606

E-Mail: sherry.archer@dc.rr.com

Business License #: 109002

City of Issuance: La Quinta

Surety Bond Company: International Fidelity

Insurance Company

Surety Bond #: BUIFSU0484533

The Adoption Exchange
The Adoption Exchange provides the connection between families who adopt and children who wait, based in the Rocky Mountain region with offices in Salt Lake City, Albuquerque and Denver. The Exchange is not an adoption agency, but an exchange of resources on behalf of   adoption agencies finding adoptive families.

Adoption Consultants Inc.
ACI provides support services to parties pursuing domestic adoptions through private attorneys, as well as providing information  necessary services for international adoptions   ACI provides services for international agencies with programs in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

International Adoption Consultants 
International Adoption Consultants, not a licensed child-placement agency, but is available to offer counseling, guidance, dossier preparation and other services.

Everlasting Adoptions
Refreshingly different!  Personal, caring, professional guidance while h
olding your hand throughout your entire adoption journey.  You will be led
through it all by Carol, an adoptive Mom herself, who knows her purpose in l
ife is building families thru the miracle of adoption.

The Assistant Stork  Laura Morrison
An assistant to international adoption, site contains information pertaining to adoptions in China and other countries. Resource for statistical data.