Birthmothers-to-be can learn about available choices when planning an adoption. In the event of an unplanned pregnancy, one must consider all the options and then make the best choice.  We are dedicated to offering information and education to explore all the choices.

Open Adoption info
Information for birthmothers-to-be who want to learn about open adoption.  This can help birthmothers-to-be with important pregnancy and adoption questions.

Adoption Community Ctr.
Read a collection of adoption poems and stories.  Share the feeling of others and how adoption has touched their lives.

Adoption Counseling
Counseling is very important to birthmothers-to-be. Read about the need for counseling and its importance in an adoption situation.

Adoption Terms
Adoption can be over whelming.  Read adoption terms and understand more about adoption and what adoption words mean.

Are you pregnant and thinking about adoption?
If you are pregnant and not sure that you want to keep the baby, you might be thinking about adoption. Pregnancy causes many changes, both physical and emotional. It can be a very confusing time for a woman, even in the best of circumstances. Talking to a counselor about your options might help.

Birthmothers Choosing Adopting Parents
As a birthmother-to-be, it is recommended that you ask yourself... what type family would I like to be the adoptive parents of my child?  This is a start, you can think of many more.

Care Net is an effort to create effective abortion alternatives. A network of practical care for women in unplanned pregnancies, offering free pregnancy tests; birth, abstinence, and post-abortion counseling; housing; parenting classes; and help with financial, medical, and material needs. All services provided are free and confidential.

Parent Profiles
If adoption is a consideration, see the web site of waiting adoptive parent around the nation who want to adopt. You can email or call the adopting parents..

Known Adopted Persons
Did you know that these known people have adoption in their life. Check it Out!

Maternity Homes
If you have no place to go, look around at a few Web sites and make a few phone call to see if you have more choices.

Poems, Reflections, etc
Selected Poems from birthmothers, adopting parents and adoptees.

Pregnancy Information
Are you pregnant? Where do you go from here? Go to pregnancy information for answers to pregnancy and health care questions.

Pregnancy Life Care Center
We are a non-profit agency offering compassionate support and assistance to anyone facing a pregnancy or experiencing post abortion stress. All information is kept confidential to the full extent allowable by the law and all services are free of charge.