Random Matches and Adoptions
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Most recent references can be seen at Successful Internet Adoptions

Dave & Quin
Dave and Mary                               
Sara and Doug                                              
Nicole &Bill                                                 
Susan & Johnny                                          
Wayne and Michali                                   
Cindy and Doug                                          
Chris and Ron                                            
Chris and Karla                                          
Chad and Tracie                                         
Connie and Matt                                       
De and Steve                                               
Mike and Bonnie                    
Andrew and Bonny                                  
Rob and Amy                                              
Margie and Mike                                   
Dwayne and Donna                                   
Richard and Cora                                      
Erica and Randy                                       
Duncan, Susan and Corey                     
Michele and Les                                      
Claudio and Fruma                                   
Melanie and Tim...Ryan and Dillon           
Michael, Debbie & Griffin                                  
Debbie and Paul Ryan                           
Allison and Jon  
Mark and Jonetta                                        
Tim and Doreen  
Stephen and Audrey                                  
The Sult Family                                          
Helen and Rich  
Jeff and Carol                                             
Annette, Mike and Lukas                    
Glen and Michelle  
Gerry and Suzi                                           
Lynette & Bill                                           
Dawn and Bill                             
Deb, Greg and Jessica                         
Michelle and Matthew                      
Randy, Erica and Isabel                       
Butch & Kym                                      
Patrice and Charlie                                   
Angela and John                                    
Cristin and Thomas                            
Patrice & Charlie                  
Kris & Jennifer                                
Pat & Charles                           
Joe and Angelina                                           

Matched on the Web!
Adopting in December!
Matched on the Web!
Adopted a girl!
Taken foster placement of two children!
Brought home newborn daughter!
Matched for a January adoption!
Matched for an adoption!
Matched 11/8 for an adoption!
Blessed with a baby boy! 11/14
Received baby 11/19, Internet matched.
Received notification 11/24, matched.
Notification 11/25, matched by attorney
Notified 12/7 of an adoption in process
Matched with a birthmother                                    
Matched for a February baby
Adopted in January                                       
Found birthmother on Web                                      
2/5 -We have adopted a baby boy.                                  
2/3 -Notified of a match.
Matched for July adoption.                       
Adopted a baby boy.             
Adopted on the Internet after 2 weeks
Brought home baby girl born on 8/13
Adopted a boy boy               
Adopted a baby boy                     Adopted a baby girl
Adopted a baby girl
Birthmother due May 30                           Baby girl, born February 14
2 day old baby girl
Adopted Paul July 17
Adopted a baby girl
Adopted a baby girl
adopted a girl
adopted a boy
adopted a baby girl
matched who adopted a baby