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Selected email  from adopting parents who have written us
Thank you ABC Adoptions for your service. We have been blessed with a wonderful birth mother who has selected us as the baby's parents. The baby is due in two weeks so we are anxiously awaiting his arrival. Our match was not through ABC but through our agency, but the information and the opportunity to present ourselves to a larger audience is priceless. Thank you for the service you provide. Please cancel our subscription. Joe and Angelina

Yes, we are very blessed. ABC has been a great resource for me, though, and I have found support and friendship in many of your members. It has been really fun!

Please discontinue our service with ABC Adoptions. On June 10th our Prayers were answered, our dreams came true and our wishes became reality. Through a private adoption we have been blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl. Thank you, the ABC website was a wonderful resource through out our adoption process. We have met many wonderful people and learned so much about the adoption process, through the ABC boards and links.
Thank you again,
Patrice and Charlie

ABC.Pls remove our web site link to your site. We have adopted a baby girl. We are on the monthly pmt. We are Butch & Kym.

Dear ABC Adoptions,
Please remove our link on your site. We adopted our baby Paul at birth on July 17. We were matched last December through a birth mother posting on your site. Thank you so very much for your kindness and support! I appreciate all that you have done to keep your site a positive place for adoption matches to happen. Yey! I've also enclosed a picture.

Dear abcadoptions.com,
My husband, children and I made a wonderful connection; one of many, but
finally the right one on abcadoptions.com. I do want to thank you for such a
wonderful, unique web site. It is the only one out there that really lets
people connect independently. Thank goodness your site does exist for
families like ours and birthmothers who want to get to know each other and
make a personal connection and lifetime decision.
Our family greatly looks forward to Ashley and her family visiting us for a
week's vacation; then Ashley living with us until a little after the baby is
born. Ashley and her family will always be a part of our lives and we look
forward to the many extended visits we will share through the years. Our
relationship is truly perfect and finally, the connection that was always
meant to be...we will be a wonderful family to our birthmother and her family
and vice versa, they will be caring of us too. It is truly a terrific feeling
to share our blended lives and now bigger family...much bigger. We are not
just taking on a new baby...but a whole family life!
We have worked with lawyers from the start, will be doing family counseling
for understanding open adoptions and choose to love, respect and support each
other always!
God bless you and your efforts to make adoption a better place.
Friends of ABC Adoptions

Hi ABC, Dawn here, My husband and I would like to cancel our link add with you. We are no longer in need of your services. Thank you for your help, you were very nice to work with.

We have been matched. It was not from your website - but we plan on adopting again, and have still seen enough success from your site that we will use it in the future.
Michelle and Matthew

Thank you ...I only had my website on-line since jan of this year so we feel
so lucky and very blessed that this happened so fast....thanks again.

Hi....We have our Dear birthmother letter posted with you and would like you
to remove it....Thank you so much for having this board for us adoptive
parents and we have just brought our beautiful daughter home 2 days ago
...they found us through one of our postings so thank you so much!
Is there any thing else I need to do as to stop the payment through my credit
card? Please let me know that you received this email.
It is posted under....Dear birthmother letters Pennsylvania.....Deb, Greg and Jessica
Thanks again so much!!
Please remove us from your adoption website, we are matched with a birthmother who is due May 30th!
Thank you,
Lynette & Bill

We listed our Dear Birthmother Profile with you on January 22. We have very fortunately been able to adopt a baby girl to complete our family. Please remove our listing from your site. We are listed as Gerry & Suzi in Virginia. Thank you for your assistance.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to list on your website. However, we have very fortunately been able to adopt a wonderful baby girl, Charlotte Marie born March 2, and no longer need to use your service. Please remove our dear birthmother letter and homepage link from you website.

It is with great joy that we can discontinue our listing. We have just finalized
our adoption of a wonderful little girl we received when she was 1 day old.
Our website link to our adoption agency was how it happened.
Good luck to all the other families out there waiting. It took almost 3 years for
us but it was worth the wait.
Dave & Quin, California

Dear sirs,
Please remove us from you page and service. We have been matched our sweet angel is due on 01/27.
Thank you & have a blessed holiday season.
Laurie Inman

We have recently matched with a birth mother, and would like to have our membership cancelled at this time. Could you please remove our names from your list.
Thank you, Michelle

we adopted a lovely baby girl born august 16, . our family is now complete. please remove our link/site. it is entitled annette, mike, and lukas from california. there is a notation on the first page of our site indicating the same information.
thank you annette

We have become parents! We adopted a newborn girl last week. Thank you for your help with the amazing process. Please remove our website as soon as possible so that we don't disappoint anyone who might call.
Thanks again!
Kim and Chris
.. I already have a link to my web and it is the best thing I have ever done.
Thank you so much.
Babies R Blessings

Dear ABC,
Thank you for posting our needs. I wanted to ask if you could take this one down as we no longer need a family for him. All the others at this time are fine. Thank you for the excellent work you do.
God Bless,
Mardie Caldwell
Director of Lifetime Adoptions

Please remove our link from the web site. We have adopted a baby boy.
We are Jeff and Carol Hanna in California. Thank you.
We would like to thank you for your Adoption Hotline page. We seen a situation that was posted by Deb O'kane with TLA Adoptions. We sent our profile and were matched. Our little Joshua was born July 12 and we brought him home July 21.
Thank you,
Angie and Dan

Dear abc,
We would like the link to our web page removed. We recently adopted a baby boy! 
Helen Rosselli

We have ADOPTED a Baby Boy...... We were in the room when he was born, I helped DELIVER him & I even CUT their cord... it happened right here in our home town... PLEASE REMOVE us from your Dear Birthmother section & again Thank-You for all your help & support !!!
The SULT Family

Dear Craig,
Please discontinue our "Dear Birthmother Letter." We are adopting! Our beautiful daughter, Mary Kathryn, was born 7-3. We were contacted by our birth mother's family, who may have found us through your site. She can't recall which site, but 25% of the "hits" to our web page are directed to our web page from ABC Adoption's site.
Thanks, we have enjoyed working with you.
Thomas and Joann

Just received another call that Tim, Kim and Luke who are listed on your new site for families to seek birthmothers has been matched too. So mark them matched. Praise God!!! Amy

ABC Staff: Wanted to share with you that the day you posted the page on your new site for Hope and Tim, they were contacted through me by a birth grandmother and father in TX. They are holding their beautiful little one week old daughter at this moment. I am not exactly sure if they found Hope and Tim from just directly going to LINK or by hitting LINK through your new web page for adoptive couples. Anyway...you need to mark them matched successfully. Thanks Good work! Amy

Another match yesterday. Risa and Ed were matched from website. Could have been linked from you, we don't know for sure. But they are due really soon with a baby girl. They are so excited. Funny thing, Risa was in my office when the young lady called! She was volunteering her time to help with paperwork. So mark one more matched!!

Addition: Donna and Tom are matched with a bmom in Atlanta, Ga. They were on your site too. Do think this one was a match we made at LINK via choosing a couple to meet requirements of the bmom. Amy

We have been matched with a birthmother and would like our link under meet perspective parents removed effective immediately. Do I need to do anything more than this?
Thanks for you help. We love you website.

We would like to have our page removed from the Dear Birthmother Letter site. We have just gotten some amazing news that we are pregnant, and are currently putting a hold on our adoption. Thank you again for all you website offers. It is an amazing website, and we have gotten many hits from it.
Thank you, Chris and Karla 

ABC Adoptions,
Just wanted to let you know that Anne from California and Starfish (Sherie) from FL. are both working with LINK couples.  They were contacted through your site and directed to our site and they chose to work with one of our couples.  Thanks for your good work.  Amy

I'm not sure if you received our previous e-mail asking to remove our name and ad from your Dear Birthmother list. We received another call from a Birthmother today. It takes a lot of courage for a Birthmother to call and then it is disappointing when they find out we have adopted. 
We have had the good fortune of adopting a baby girl through the Internet after only two weeks.  
Thank you.

It's been a whirlwind the last 6 days.  Received a call on Friday from our agency about a woman who wanted to place.  The baby was born on Tuesday at 10:04 pm in Sacramento (about an hour from here).  He weighed in at 7 lbs 5 oz and was 19 3/4 inches long.  We just brought him home today. Thanks for all of the months of hosting our website.
The O'Rourke's
(Michael, Debbie & Griffin)

Dear abc:
Thank you for all you have done for adoptive families. We have been matched with a birthmother due in July. Please remove our birthmother letter from your site and discontinue billing my credit card. Your site has been an excellent source of information to us and so many others in our search. God bless you for what you do.
Thank you,
Melanie, Tim, Ryan, and Dillon Moore

Thanks, abc adoptions.
Your site was very helpful and full of great resources and people we met on the lists and boards.
You are doing very important work, keep it up!
Fruma and Claudio Fayngolz

Dear ABC Adoptions,
You can remove our listing. Our birthmother found us on the web and called our Agency. We are proud to announce the birth (February 20) and adoption of our beautiful baby boy.
Duncan Susan and Corey

Just want to thank you for your wonderful and helpful site. I tagged it as the best one I found in 8 months of Adoption searches. We did adopt through your site link to an agency - we now have a beautiful baby boy! We happened to be another couple whom was suppose to adopt the "twins"
profiled on Dateline. (we were the First couple) we do not hold ABCADOPTIONS accountable whatsoever for the money lost and sorrow endured from any false leads or discouraging disappointment. We use the internet as a resource and get our lawyers approval on all adoption leads. We also thought certain risks were worth it to find our baby.
Thank you for helping us through our adoption journey.
Barb Richardson

Dear AbcAdoptions,
 We would like to give praise to the Lord for a match with a birthmother/birthfather!! Our little miracle from the Lord is due at the end of February and we are soooo happy! You may remove our dear birthmother letter at this time. Thank you so very much for your site and the wealth of information it gives! You have been a tremendous help!!!
God Bless!
Dwayne and Donna from NC

Thanks so much for your invaluable site. It's been great to be able to make contact with birthmothers. If we should need you in the future I will not hesitate to come back. I will recommend your site to others.
Thanks again
Cora Brush

Hi everyone at abc adoptions --
My husband and I have our adoption site linked from ABC Adoptions (Rob and Amy, from Michigan); just wanted to let you know we matched through our agency on 11/5, our daughter was born 11/19 and we brought her home 11/20! TPR won't happen until after the holidays, but we're confident everything
will go smoothly. Just wanted to give you the good news!
Your site is great and I recommend it whenever I can. Thanks, and Happy
Holidays! --Amy Campbell

My husband and I, Steve and De, have adopted a baby girl born November 19, 2000. Our daughter's birthparents found us on the Internet, however, we were listed with several sites so we can't tell you which site they actually found us on. Thanks for all your help. You can remove our letter now.

Hello. Just wanted to let you know to take our names off the Dear Birthmother section as we have matched through our agency. Thank you! Your page has been very helpful in our adoption process!
Chris and Karla

HI, Thank you for letting me know adoption scams was still there. I read your site 2 or 3 times a day. It is an absolutely fabulous place for all the info I might need.
Keep it up.
Many thanks,

Hi, I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that we have an adoption in progress. We got a little girl, Marion Michelle 3 weeks ago. I guess we won't need a link anymore for the time being. Thank you for the service. We are Chris and Laura from Alabama. Please cancel our subscription and link. Thank you very much. You can see Marion at www.adoptionplan.com .
Chris Barnett

Good news, we have been matched with a birthmother and are awaiting birth of our new baby in December. And, we connected with the adoption professional through your hotline board. THANK YOU!
I would like to have our letter taken off your listing if we could. If, heaven forbid, something changes between now and December, I will contact you and hope that we would be able to get it back on the listing.
 Thanks for all of your help.
Mary Hauser


Dear Craig!!
We are happy to let you know that we are adopting a baby girl in August so we will need to take down our listing! Our birthmother found us through your site and we will be happy to act as a reference for your service. We want to thank you so much for offering this service to all of us out here.
Blessings to you and yours,
Nicole & Bill

Dear people of ABC

Please remove our name from www.abcadoptions.com, dear birthmother section. We are in the process of adopting. The baby is due in July. It was a lead I found in your hotline section. It looks positive and we pray that it will be. I will continue to check out your site for information.


A resounding thank you to all who responded to the A/A situations available through Bethany Christians. The response was tremendous! Thanks to this site and friends who shared the news the Agency reports that they are now in a position to place all seven children in question twice over!!! No further response is required to the previously stated situations.  
Thanks again and God bless all your adoption Journey's!

Hi Craig and Denise,
I haven't called you in awhile, however, I wanted to let you know we go to court tomorrow March 6th. Finally, and to thank you so much for all your help. I truly believe that God has worked through you to give us our baby. 
She is now 7 months old and adorable. We are very happy now, lots of change in '99. We sold our small home and bought a bigger one out in Springtown. We were running out of room. Well, I hope all is well you, and that your blessing many other families too.

God bless you,
Pat, Tami & Faith

Hi Craig,
Our son Michael Patrick was born on Valentine's day...He weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces and was 20 inches long...he is absolutely perfect and his big sister is in love and are his parents...
Thanks for everything,
Alison and David